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Full Version: opi laquer apps
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how much should I charge? What would you charge?
When I do a polish change I shape, puch cuticle and buff if nessasary. After application and drying I have spent about a half an hour on the entire process. So I charge $15. If you are just going to apply, nothing else I say $10. But I find myself not able to just do that, I want them to be perfect when they leave!
Hi Kristen, I just got my lacquer apps in this week and have been debating that too! 5.95 for a pack of 16 - I suppose that's one full set and one set with them chopped into pieces (the leftovers). I'm going to calculate my cost as 4.00 for a full set and 2.00 for art.

I'm thinking that for application I will do it over a sog base and use a sog top coat - my regular sog manicure price is 30, so I'm thinking $37 for a full application and to apply pieces over another sog color I'm thinking a $7 add-on. I won't really know how long it takes to do the full application until I actually do it, so I think I will say $37 is the "introductory price" and leave myself room to bump it if it takes longer than I anticipate.


If it were me the process of applying the wraps seems more detailed and time consuming than just adding layers if polish. I take in to account the fact that it's one layer with no cure time of the "sticker" but I would charge the same as applying SOGP. My addition is $10 per nail service. I think 7 is to low if it's already costing you 4 just for the appliqué.
Am I understanding right that you will be charging the same as a sog service? I was thinking $7 higher than my regular sog service. The $7 add-on is for applying bits and pieces of the leftovers on top of a sog color. Although I'm looking at the package and guessing you can't use the leftovers later, they're sealed up so well that I'm guessing the 6 extra pieces will dry up and be unusable.

So, with that in mind, the product cost is $6, I'm thinking the steps would be applying base sog, cure, apply nail app, top coat sog, cure. It will probably take a little longer to apply the nail app than it would two coats of sog color. Hmmmm... If I charge $10 add-on for the nail apps, that would be $40 - really only a $4 bump for the extra time and skill after product cost.