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Full Version: Anyone ever work at Red Door??
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So, I've finally graduated and I've taken the Board (passed the theory, just waiting on my letter regarding the practial). I'm looking at invesigating working at Red Door, as the one near my house (about 5 minutes away) has just posted an opening for a Nail Tech.

any thoughts on this? anyone ever work there? good place to start?

I'm mainly looking for a somewhat steady stream of income (like hourly pay) to start, though I realize the pay is not going to be what I'm currently making in my office job. My SO is the primary bread winner, and while leaving my current job to do nails full time would mean an overall pay cut for us, we could get buy with SO's current salary and a reduction in mine (until I build, etc).

So, again... anyone have any experience with working at Red Door? Thanks in advnce!
I go to Red Door salon sometimes. My last pedi was there.Everyone who works there seems pretty happy. I would consider working there but its too long a commute for me. I would imagine the money would be good...the prices are pretty high. I think i remember the tech telling me they didnt do nail art there.