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Full Version: split in nail from free edge to cuticle
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I have a client that has deep ridges in her nails with one nail that splits within a ridge at the free edge. I have kept the nail very short and covered it with a silk wrap to protect it and to prevent the split from furthering down her nail. When I saw her this week, the silk wrap had loosened and exactly what I was trying to avoid happened. The nail split all the way from the free edge down to the cuticle. I once again trimmed the nail as short as I could and silk wrapped it. I have been up and down the internet, and all I can find is why this happens, which I already know. I need a solution to the problem, and how to properly treat it. I know there are several well educated professionals on this board that can help me out. Thanks!
I've learned from past experience, you can't 'cure' it, just treat it. I've had varying results on how I do it. My husband's thumbs do this, I've use both acrylic and gel, to cover the crack, in both instances the covering will crack right where the crack in the nail is. I've even tried removing all f/e, and making a complete new f/e, thinking that would hold, nope, didn't work.

With some of my other clients, when the crack is more to the side of the nail, the product seems to hold the nail together better. My left thumb does this and the only way I can get it to grow to any kind of length is covering it with gel.

I don't think I'd even try a wrap, it's not going to be rigid enough, imo, along with the glue being water soluble, it would be a temporary fix.

If her nail is cracking that far back, you've got a 50/50 chance of something stronger holding it. If I were doing it, I'd trim the f/e back as I described and make a new one. It might be something that would need to be completely redone ever so often, i.e., trimming the f/e back off if the product cracks as it did on my husband. Hopefully you'll get lucky and it'll hold after the first time.
Acrylic overlay ,maybe adjusting the thickness in the apex as needed for strenghth.
Agree with what Donna said about not "curing" it. I have clients, both male and female, who've had success with gel overlays in these circumstances. Works for fingernails, or toenails.