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Full Version: Gelousy announces SonicGelNano
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Gelousy announces SonicGelNano

April 1, 2012, Phoenix Arizona. Today Gelousy Gel Nail Systems ( announces its latest innovation. Patent pending SonicGelNano is a breakthrough in gel technology unlike anything else. SonicGelNano technology is both self-curing and self-repairing. Nail technicians will never need to repair a nail again.

SonicGelNano, being released today in both a gel sculpting and a gel polish formula, is available in 72 different colors. The product application is the same as any other gel product, except that no UV is required to initiate the polymerization process.

The curing process is initiated by a completely safe, inaudible sonic burst released by a sonic curing bar placed above the hand for five seconds. The product is completely cured 10 seconds after the sonic burst is applied. The sonic energy works the same way UV energy works to initiate the polymerization reaction. Instead of a photo initiator a sonic initiator is used. Once the product is cured there is no residue to remove.

In an enhancement, on a microscopic level, cracks and stress may occur. The smart nano technology in the product will continually strengthen and repair any cracks or breaks. The nano particles in the product are 1/32 the width of a human hair. If any stress, cracks or breaks occur, millions of nano particles burst and release a self-curing repair polymer that fills in the cracks no matter how large or small. The repairing polymer on a micro level cures in three seconds to continually repair and proactively prevent breakage. But if cracking or breaking does occur, it is repaired nearly instantly.

Gelousy Chief Science officer, Dr. Sloof Lirpa, reports that this technology has been licensed by NASA for the International Space Station. “NASA needed to be able to make repairs to the International Space Station in the harsh environment of space.” said Dr. Lirpa. “The station is constantly being bombarded by micro meteorites so the compact sonic technology and the self-repairing aspect were perfect for them.”

Gelousy, once again, is the clear Galactic leader in Gel technology and has been awarded with the “International Technology Award”, by the International Technology Consortium for this breakthrough in polymer technology.

CEO, Erick Westcott said, “We are humbled and honored to receive this great award. We were just trying to create a great new Professional Only product for nail technicians. But to have this international recognition for our efforts is pretty cool.”

SonicGelNano is immediately available at a suggested retail price of $6.95 for 1 ounce and is exclusively available at Amazon, E-bay and Walgreens.

For more information contact CEO, Erick Westcott at 602-493-9043
Gelousy, based in Phoenix Arizona is a beauty technology company dedicated to providing solutions for the Professional Nail Technician.
Oh puleeeeaze!!!! April Fools right? lmao
If they are "dedicated to providing solutions for the Professional Nail Technician " ,then why is it " immediately available at Amazon ,E-bay ,and Walgreens " ? Is it me ,or do they think we are a bunch of gum chewing idiots ? Yes, lol ,April Fools ,and fools they think we are...
Erick, you've outdone yourself! LMAO!
Erick is sooo good at this!
Ummm.......Chief Science Officer Dr. Sloof Lirpa! LMAO!!!!

TongueBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinCool

Yes, that was pretty funny...I have to say ,with all the ridiculous crap I see on the internet ,I was fooled ,lol ! Not completely ,but fooled....Smile
That sonic burst had me laughing my a$$ off!