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Full Version: Drill vs. Hand file
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This may be a silly question ,but do any of you find it just as fast to file by hand ? I have been using a drill ( efile ) for years ,and my wrists are thanking me ,lol. I work with a girl who only uses regular files ,and she is very fast. Just curious if any of you use only hand files ,and turn out work very quickly. A little footnote : I did not start using an e-file to speed up ,I wanted to preserve my wrists. Smile
Hand-filing, and working quickly, for 20+ years.
I prefer handfiling probably because I haven't use my efile a lot during fills to speed up..


I dont use a drill LOL I use an electric file. I knew what you meant. I do both ways. I use my efile for under the nail, reducing length and, thinning out product for a back fill or re-balance. I also use it on clients with severe pterygium.. I use my hand file for shaping, blending fill growth and refining.
I have watched techs use the efile for the entire job, its just not my thing.
Hand file only. I do have an Efile but I only use it to clean under the nail. When I was first learning to do nails (back in the early 80's) I don't even remember efiles being used. I was always taught that if you build the nail correctly you should not need to do a lot of filing so I'm old fashioned that way. We also get a lot of calls asking if we hand file or use a drill. This is because so many people have had a bad experience with people who don't have the proper training(non-standard salons) that they don't want them ever used on them again so it has actually been a business builder.
I started hand file only, then went to the e-file. Back when everyone was wearing buffed p/w's, it was a life saver for me. Now, I use (gratefully) to remove gel color and to reduce bulk.

I first started working doing nails in Kingwood, Tx., for a tech name Brenda Segree. She'd book clients every 30 minutes, hand filed everyone and had absolutely no lifting. I've never been able to match her record......
I only hand file. I don't own an e-file
I am a lot faster and effecient with an e-file and can do more in addition to saving parts of my body from pain.
I'm so glad to hear how many of you use hand files compared to e-files. When I started out back in the stone age we only use hand files. So that's what I have used for over 37 years. I did however come into the 21st century and I do use a little e-file for taking off the sog on some clients with nail enhancements. Oh and I have had no signs of pain in my wrists or hands. Now my bowling fingers are a mess but that is a different story. Big Grin