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Full Version: Born Pretty Gel Polish
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Has anyone tried the gel polish by born pretty? What do you think about it?
I think it is chinese or japannese?? I haven't tried it but I don't really trust that kind of cheap gel polishes...I don't know if they are good but I would go for a branded gel polish...just my personal opinion...


Hi Julie, I have never heard of them. Do you have a link? We never know until we come and ask if others have used it, if we are willing to try it. I know nailite is less expensive and premiernailsource has $1 polishes and I don't hear bad things about them. I don't know if price matters. I think wear and reliability matters.
I have seen born pretty on e-bay...I haven't heard of it before..
I love them! They're great for inexpensive nail art supplies. I want to try their gel polish too. Theyve been pretty reliable