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Hi ,girls ! Just wondering ,and curious about your thoughts and feelings on this : Keeping in mind that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ,how do you feel when ,very noticeably ,other techs that you work with start using your ideas ,techniques and words that you use to inform your clients ? The way I do things is after many years of trial and error ,and I have spend endless time and money perfecting my craft and educating myself snd keeping up to date on the latest products and services, so ,for me I am kind of flattered ,but annoyed at the same time. I guess I feel I am being ripped off in a way ,since I invested myself so much trying so many things ,and they just watch me ,then start doing it. I am always happy to share information with my fellow techs ,and think of them as teamates ,but can't help feeling annoyed that they don't know most of this stuff ! One tech has been doing nails as long as me ! ( 20 + yrs )... Apologies in advance for all my typing errors... Smile
I'm kinda in the same spot at the moment. I have a new young tech that is "copying" my advice, style, design, etc. And usually this does not bother me because my main goal for myself where other techs are concerned is to lead by example.
However, this girl does not get most things right! She needs some formal instruction and notes! I almost feel like she is making me look bad by giving incomplete info and doing my designs badly! Without just stating the facts bluntly, I have offered to give help her out, give her printouts of the info and even some practice sheets to use for basic elements of design. But she says she does not need any help from me. Sad
Very frustrating! I am trying to keep my mouth shut and let her do her own thing, but boy it can be hard!
I would say as long as your girl is getting things right and doing a good job--be glad that you are someone to emulate and at the same time put the offer out there if anyone wants to "network" and brainstorm unity withing your shop.
I understand how you feel, OP. It's frustrating and, unfortunately, it will always happen. Someone is always looking for a shortcut and will piggyback on your ideas and such. I don't know if there is a cut & dry answer. Hopefully, your clients will be able to distinguish between the real and the fake and it won't hurt your botton line.
Maybe a little different way of looking at this is ........ would a teacher feel that way? Kids copy what a teacher instructs, that is how they learn. At least she is learning the right way instead of doing what so many others do, doing it the wrong way and with limited knowledge or caring. Maybe that will give you some comfort?

It can be very difficult and frustrating if someone is not getting the info correct. Could a little more guidance help with that C-C?
(04-01-2012, 01:25 AM)Luvglitter Wrote: [ -> ]It can be very difficult and frustrating if someone is not getting the info correct. Could a little more guidance help with that C-C?

I have tried to help this girl out; offered her print outs to read, print outs of basic brush strokes to practice....even offered to help her out in her free time by direct instruction. She gives me a little head cock and a curled lip! I do not mind at all that her clients look through my books for design, but she could at least practice them so she could do a better job!
Her loss!