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Full Version: New to foot bath pedi, having problems!
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I just moved to a new area and new salon after 10 years. I have not used a foot bath since school. I have always had a spa chair. I did my research and got the footsie bath. I got a new comfortable chair that is reasonably higher. But I'm using an old fashion chair cart with no locking mechanism and the attached foot rest that also does not lock. I'm 51 years old and I am getting exhausted giving a pedi. I have to hold the cart in place as well as the foot rest so my client isn't pushing me and the foot rest back! I feel like I need a better more ergonomic situation. I feel a separate foot rest and a little stool would work better and let me maneuver around to polish. And I thought maybe having my hubby build a platform with a foot rest might work good but I do have very limited space. What do you all think. Any advise? any pictures of your set ups would really help me out. I don't want to have to give up pedis because I can't handle them.
I have a rolling pedi tub holder and what I had to do is put a door stop under it hold in place because it never failed that just as I was painting red polish at the cuticle, the client's other foot would move the whole thing....grrrr! I also use a small wooden stool I bought at Target to sit on, no wheels!
I have tiny little working space, and I always used foot spa, foot rest, low stool for me (I got one from IKEA, plastic stool for kids Smile). Cart stays by me, I sit low, so I do not have to bend and client do not have to keep the leg high. For painting I sit close, remove foot spa, foot rest and keep client's feet on my knees - comfortable for us both and allows me to paint the nails quickly and perfectly. My foot rest looks like this:
[Image: 84298db92c73c747a4c48ccdc3969cef.jpg]
stays in place, is wide and comfortable. Maybe similar setup would help you?
I was thinking of thr foot rest and stool or the foot rest/pedi cart. Great ideas! Thanks!
You can see my platform setup on my website - it's on my blog with a slideshow of how we built it. For someone with limited space the platform could be 30"x42" to accommodate just one chair.
Client sits in a comfortable recliner, legs and feet supported. No worries : )
[Image: PedicureSetup.jpg]
My foot rest moves also,( I work at home ,and in a salon ,best of both worlds ! ) For my footrest I have a couole different sized little wood wedges that I put down betwween where the part that slides forward and back is ,and I removed the wheels from my pedi cart. My pedi cart that I sit on has the footrest built in ,HollywoodNail Supply sells them if you need to view a picture to get a better understanding of my description...Good Luck ! Smile