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Full Version: Is it Me or the clients????
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Huh Ok, in the past two three weeks,I've had complaints about my sets of nails,two of which are regulars and one was a new client that has been to two different salons prior to coming to me. They say I did a great job to my face,and I consult before during and after the service asking them how the nail looks and if the length is ok.They tell me,"Oh they look great! You did such a good job!"then come to find out when they leave they hated my work, their embarassed, and rather book the appointment with someone when I'm not there!!..This just really frustrates when I feel like I've done a good job and I then my technique or something not right or is it even me! or should I throw in the towel on enhancement services for awhile and see whats going on,I dont know. How do you professionals handle this?! I dont know what to do? Maybe I'm losing my touch with doing nails,maybe I should have took that CNA position at the hospital,and took that up. I love doing nails, I really wanted to specialize in Pedicures/Reflexology,its hard to find a trusting mentor, and support nail tech that wants to do this. Sorry so long,just needed to vent.
Hi Smile I know this is a tough situation. The thing about artificial nails is, it's not so much about how they look at the end of the appointment, it's how they last. It's not uncommon for a client to love them at the time, and then at home further inspect them and find things they don't like so much. Or have problems after a few days.

And clients are really uncomfortable when they have to complain about someone. I'm sure they didn't HATE the work, they just aren't confident in your skills. (I know, it's tough to hear) Try not to let it discourage you.

I'd say, find a good class, and until then hit the pause button on artificial nails. You don't want to make your reputation worse. After that class, try to find friends, family to practice on. Wear nails yourself. Once you're making some progress, reintroduce the service.

What kind of nails are you doing? Scuplts , or Pink and whites? Could you go to a more basic tip and overlay with polish?
Do not give up sometimes it can be the client you can give it your best and when they leave the salon they have all sorts of issues it can happen to the best of us, but still continue to educate yourself never stop and please do not take a break.
I agree with what was said good sound advice.. You might also go to the various web sites and watch the free videos on nail enhancements ie Young Nails, on you tube nailzoo. Joseph Pham had a video on his my space( long time ago) that I probably watched 50 times. Pick one or two watch them over and over until it clicks.. Then practice on yourself over and over and over and over, get the idea? One of the biggest problems with acrylic is ratio..... liquid to powder if you don't have that right, you are asking for all kinds of problems... If you need help you can email me, I'd be glad to trouble shoot with you. p
Don 't give up ! If you love what you do ,you will fix the kinks and make things right eventually...just offer to take care of what ever their issues may be ,if possible no charge for the first time ,and honesty goes a long way. Explain that you are working out the kinks at this time ,and to just maybe be a little patient and they wont regret it ! Make sure they understand it is important to you that they are happy with your work ,and you will stand by it ,within reason ,of course...good luck !
I agree with the ladies. Make youtube your best friend, take classes, and nail EVERYTHING moving. Even if you are doing them for free or in conjunction with another service that you're more confident in. Right now whats more important than making a profit is honing your skills. Keep your head up, its a hard climb but it's so worth it if this is your callng.
See thats the thing, I feel I do great acrylics,I have been doing them for 12 years and they looked great why the complaining?! Thanks all for the advice and I will troubleshoot...One problem I notice is bubbles in the acrylic when doing the pink and white tips, and I would love to do sculptures as well, but need training in that. I love hands on! I am a visual person I love learning new stuff and even what I think I already know! Thanks girls!