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Full Version: Need to move/stepping backwards? Really need advice.
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Here's the dealio...
-been licensed since June 2010
-started at a salon in 12/2010 within 5 miles (15 min) of home, 100k town, and it is on the town square
-Although Groupon was not a bad experience if as you know did not get me repeat business
-$500 monthly rent
-I have about 4 regulars and sporadically get sprinkling of clients in a week or two weeks.

I have often thought of leaving this salon and about the time I resolve to do so I will get a few appointments. Or I thought, "this is ideal location due to proximity to my house.
But although the town square does have some boutique shops it is not a big draw for shopping or foot traffic. I have advertised in various ways and have walked to the square introducing myself to the various business (mostly attorney office as our county courthouse is downtown).

I have a friend 40 miles from me, in a different county, smaller town, who says they desperately need a nail tech. That most in that town/county have to go out of the area for services. Rent would most definitely be cheaper.

Would I be stepping backward going so far from home, or should be going where I can actually do the craft I know I can do?

I would go out on my own but cannot find anything that would work for me for the same cost/overhead.

I thought about doing mobile services for clients I do have now because it would at least be something to build on? ACK...Head ache from thinking about this stuff for weeks/months now.


I would go. It's no fun to commute but it is fun to have a full book and a full wallet. If you are having a difficult time getting clients to come into your current location then a new busy location will be an amazing change of pace for you. You may ask to see their books and view for yourself how busy it is and how worth the trip may be. I have a hard time with change, but I think it sounds like an awesome oportunity for you. Smile
I absolutely 100% agree with Sobeit.

Go for it! 40minutes is NOTHING! You'll be so glad you went somewhere and got busy!
It sounds like a good move but take into consideration that if you ever want to move closer to home in the future, maybe to open your own salon, will those clients be willing to follow you that fari and travel the distance. Then it would be like starting all over again
You stated you are currently 5 miles (15 minutes) from your shop. How long will it take to commute 40 miles? Have you considered looking for a location midway, say 20 miles from home.

There is an odd reality when you consider whether clients will follow you. People from a smaller community (the smaller, the more this relates) are used to traveling a reasonable distance to get what they want. Those from a larger community have other options within range and are not as likely to travel. I used to commute 25 miles (30 minutes) each day. No big deal for me but ask a co-worker to come to your community for a 1 day event and they say it is too far to travel. I was surprised that the distance from them to me was longer than the distance from me to them.
I agree with the rest, being close to home does you no good if you're not making money. The commute isn't bad, and if biz is good, it'll make up for it!
Anna, we've had this conversation before; it's time for a change : )
You've given that salon more than a year and a half, change sounds like a good idea! I've worked in three places in just under three years Smile this last move was finally the right one for me, I hope that you can find the right spot too! Love the previous suggestion about checking the books to see how busy they really are though!
Turned in my 30 day notice today. Visited and spoke with salon 40miles away and rent is nearly half and advertising in that area is much cheaper. Only 2 salons with a nail tech (according to owner) I give this a try and

I don't feel better yet but do feel like moving in right direction.

Thanks everyone. I can usually be more decisive with matters like this, not sure why this is so different.

Thanks again!
I hope the best for you at the new shop. Good luck
Ahhhhh what a tough situation you have been in. I hope the commute with the price of gas works out for you. Look forward to hearing how things go.
Sounds like you need a change of salons. But....let me tell you about commuting. I work in two salons. Once a week I travel an hour. I am friends with the owner and all she could talk about was how busy Id be. Sure,Im busy, when these people show up. No shows and cancellations are the norm and last minute cant be filled. I have a strict policy but no one cares. With gas prices i spent roughly $100 a week on gas to sometimes sit there and tap my fingers. My rent is really cheap but its not paying anymore. Just no loyalty in this small town. I would see if you can find a town a little closer. I dont think gas prices are going anywhere but up.