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Full Version: “Beauty and the Breast” Susan G Komen San Diego 3-Day Walk
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Doug asked me to let you all know..

Beauty Industry Professionals

Want to Help Fight Breast Cancer?

Join with others in our industry to help raise money for the battle against
breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women.

It's estimated that presently one million women have breast cancer.
But there is hope! There are also over 2 million survivors in the US alone.

Why do so many survive? Because of many medical breakthroughs and advancements in understanding and managing this terrible disease.
But this research takes money. Lots of it! That's where you can help.

Want to be a part of a truly amazing journey?
Have a wonderful adventure that you will never forget?
Experience a sense of pride and satisfaction unlike ever before?

Join our team “Beauty and the Breast” and walk with us in the 2007 Susan G. Komen San Diego 3-Day Walk. You’ll be walking with dozens of other Beauty Professionals who believe we CAN forever end the scourge of breast cancer.

You'll meet new friends, get a lot healthier, be inspired and all while having a tremendous amount of fun walking the most beautiful coastline in the world!

This will be our sixth year participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk. This year... we want you! Join with us in San Diego on Nov. 9-11 and you’ll never regret your decision. How could you? You’ll be saving lives!

Seven simple steps to joining team “Beauty and the Breast”

Go to
At the 3-Day Walk home page click on "San Diego"
Click “Register for the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day”
Chose “I agree” and then choose the "Join a Team” selection
Click the arrow beside “Please select a Team”
Scroll down and select our team name, “Beauty and the Breast”
Fill out the registration form and you're part of the team.

You can get more information about the 3-Day walk at the website listed above.

Want to join, but have questions? Please e-mail your “team-related” questions to:

Doug Schoon

[email protected]
Just so anyone else that is planning a networking event may be able to do this too--I thought I'd throw it out there:

Doug E-mailed me a pdf flier for this walk that I plan to include in my "goodie Bags" for all of the attendees. Just in case anyone might be interested/able to participate.

I know it's not a "goodie" per se, but it is an important cause--so I think it deserves some attention too. I'm also thinking of contacting the ACS for the self exam shower hangars to put in there too.

Just FYI and some ideas for other event planners out there.

Smile Have a great weekend!