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Full Version: Help from Texas
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I just moved to Texas from Wyoming. Does any one know how difficult it is to get my license here in Texas?? I am already licensed in UT. I was in the process of transferring my license to Wyoming when my husband got a job transfer.
I tried to find out some info for you but the web site has changed and I wasn't able to find anything. I did get the # tho for you to call for info about getting your license here.....512-463-6599.

sorry I couldn't be more help to you. I'll check the rule book tomorrow and see what it says.
I find the web site hard to work. I put them on my FB and ask them questions that way. Good luck!
Thanks. I also got on the Texas website but found it confusing!!
I had a questionaire sent to me via email and I filled it out before I checked out the web site, didn't know it'd been changed. We definitely need to voice our opinions on their FB page!
I just filled out the survey for TDLR and let them know that the website is hard to navigate.