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Full Version: *pic* Transfer foils
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Transfer Foils.....

[Image: Christinesfoils.jpg]
oh i love them so perfect!
very pretty
Always, lovely, and always inspiring. Thanks for posting...
SmileThanks everyone! They were alot of fun to do!!
HI Janet

What do you incase in the nails . I think it is so pretty.
SmileHi Nurse Nail Tech... I have encased Transfer foil paper in the Gel..

After doing the prep and bonder gel..I cured 2 minutes

I layed the colours down, then cured for 2 minutes..
I then applied a layer of clear gel, and cured 2 minutes.
Then wiped the dispersion layer off and then put the transfer foil down..
I then applied the gel top gloss on and cured for 2 minutes..