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Full Version: Do you wear SOGP?
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Hiya. I'm wondering if you all notice a slight dulling of your SOGP because of doing nails? About three of four days of working using typical files, acetone, etc... I notice my nails aren't as bright and shiny as my clients nails are.

So, what I'm wondering is... can I just add another top coat over my nails? IE- I don't want to take the time to buff and reapply a coat of color and top... just lazy I guess... but I wasn't sure if the top coat would "stick" if I didn't prep in some way.

I wear nothing but sogp on a daily basis and have not noticed any dulling. I have, however, occasionally filed my thumbnail on accident! In which case I buff the entire nail, file the tip even again and re-topcoat.
Is there any special care you take while using all of our products? It seems like because of the SOGP I doon clients and pedis I am always coming in contact with acetone. It worries me that the SOGP will dull and/or get gunky.
Not really. I do keep the acetone soaked wipes between the tip and first knuckle of my fingers; rather than pinching them with my fingertips. I do use Gelish though and the TIO for that line really needs to be filed on for it to soak off with acetone--so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.