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Full Version: New Nail Tech Course
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My school is starting a nail tech course that I will be teaching. I am very excited. I have been teaching cosmetology since 2005 but this will be my first time teaching nails. Nails has always been my passion and what I did mostly in the salon. When you went to school what did you like most about your experience and what did you like least about your experience. I want to make sure my students have a GREAT experience. Thanks for your input!
How exciting for you and I can tell you will be a great instructor based on the questions you are asking. I felt that we didn't learn what we needed to make a living, we learned what it took to pass the test. And I felt more practice with different products and techniques would have been more helpful. The saving grace for me was having done my own nails prior to going to school. Hence, I did a lot of new sets so I built up my speed pretty quickly.
The one thing that I wished to happen was to start learning the names of nail "diseases" from the beginning, that is what I had the most problems with. I also suggested to the teacher that once we were learning acrylics that we had to do it on each other, no nails to be done outside. I don't know if you can "make" everyone do that by law, or not, but that would have been more practice.....