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Full Version: Time and Organization Tips
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I have been in my salon trying to get it together for opening day but I'm overwhelmed with where I should put everything and what to put it in. I'm also looking for any time saving tips because everyone knows time is money. Thanks
Without seeing your layout not must help .sorry no one has answer you .i have my table set up for each client and my pedicure chairtoo... I keep the lotions and scrubs in the cups with the lids so I have them made up ...I have enough tools for the day so I cleans them at the end of the day .....same for towels ...I use 2 lights at my table plus I have a foot light for my pedicure do I never have to move my lights from my table ....same for drill. I have 2 never move the one on the table....I try to use a ear pc for the phone so I don't have to stop to answer it but I have it where I can see who the caller is and only answer is I feel I need to....sorry not much help good luck
This really is a HUGE question, and I imagine everyone does things differently! I'll throw out how I do things, and maybe that'll spark some ideas, but you have to factor in space, type of furniture, products used...

1. I do have a Slimline light on my nail table, as well as one each on my pedi stations. Also I have two UV lights on my table and one each at the pedi stations. I have two e-files as well, one on my table, and one at the pedi station.

2. I have small baskets for different products, one has my gels (base, clear build, pink build & gloss) the other has my acrylic products. I have one drawer for gels - it holds the basket that automatically gets put out when I'm setting up for a gel service, but also holds my pre-mixed palette, Kaleidoscope gels, and other gels with different colors/viscosity. I have another drawer for acrylics - the main basket that comes out when I set up for a service, then all the extra goodies that only come out occasionally.

3. I have 5 magnetic boards hanging on the wall behind my table - I put magnets on the lids of all my glitters, colored powder, confetti, fimo and custom color blends. This way I can see things, and also clients can look at them too.

4. I have enough implements to get through the day before I have to sanitize. I use the mini dental trays with lids that I bought from Pearson Dental supplies. At the end of the day I sanitize everything, and then pre-build my service trays. Right now I have 4 trays each for Pedicures, Gel/Natural Manicures, and Acrylic/Gel services. So a total of 12. I need to beef that up to 6 of each I think, as I do sometimes have more than 4 of one type of service in a day. The trays have everything I need except product, so to set my table I just lay out the towel, put out the tray, e-file with clean bits, and whatever product basket is appropriate, plus the appropriate cleanser (Swipe or Mani-Q cleanser). It takes me all of 20 seconds to set my table. Everything except the UV lights gets removed after each service before I clean my table/lights.

Hope that helps!
I'm trying to preportion eveything for me pedicures what do you suggest I buy? I was thinking the one or two ounce cups with lids. what do you use to apply your masks?
Hi Kristen, I think the best idea is to do a pedi and mani on a few people before you open your shop and see what works for you. Make notes as you go along as to things you might need and things you want to change or move.
I can't tell you the number of times I moved things around in the salon to improve the way I do things. Our needs and supplies change year to year so we have to adjust accordingly.
Candice has some great suggestions and I think they would be a great way to get started.
I don't portion out my products ahead of time. I bought this dish (on the left)
And in it I put the scrub, cuticle treatment, and the cotton balls. For the scrub I use about a tablespoon for each foot so 2 dollops go in there. I have that dish sitting on a long tray and I put my implements on the tray as well. If I do a mask I use this warmer to heat it up a little:
And I apply the mask with a large brush.

Here's pics of my work area and some storage ideas. I don't have any pics of my pedi station though. Email me if you have any questions!

[Image: IMG_1113.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1104.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1109.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1108.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1101.jpg]

I tried buying that dish but it has been sold out everytime I have looked. Your pictures are wonderful and inspiring. Thanks so much
Candice, could you post a link to those trays from Pearson? I looked on their site and they have a gazillion items when I search 'trays'! Thanks!

Don't forget the tray covers in the mini size as well
Thank you! Perfect!