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Full Version: Cuticle cancer
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I guess this is the big new thing around here. Women are claiming they are getting cuticle cancer from gel polishes and the uv lights. I would love to see how they are going to prove this. Time to review my liability insurance.....Its getting scary being a business owner anymore with frivilous lawsuits.
What the!!!!

This is ridiculous, it would be great to hear what Doug has to say about this.

That's like saying "I have eyelid cancer from using eye shadows" yer as if.

Doug has released a few articles now that are all about the risks or should I say, the lack of risk from UV lights used in our gel services.
The science backs it all up and all insurance companies would be aware of this and I would think would knock anybody down pretty quick if they tried to make such a claim against a tech.

I needed a good belly laugh today and this has just given it to me, thanks OP for letting us know about this latest rot people are trying to blame on our industry.
Lets assume that :
  • there are at least 500,000 nail techs in the world that mostly use gel (may very possibly be many more)
  • they each make 2 gel services / day (again a low number)
  • they work 225 days / year (again, most probably more)

The total number of gel sets created each year = 500k * 2 * 225 = 225 million hands or 2.25 billion fingers!

On this basis, we could roughly estimate that during the last 10 years, between 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion gel sets have been made on 15 to 25 billion fingers. (Each finger is a separate instance where cancer could potentially occur)

Now if there was a serious health risk, someone would have noticed by now?


The only scientific reference to this that I have found is this paper:

But this cites only two cases and suggests further research is required. I rather think that if they had found more cases, then another paper would have been published during the last three years.

All I can say is 'what will they think of next'?
People have no common sence ! Morons !
That makes as much sense as hair cancer . . .
(03-26-2012, 12:20 PM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]That makes as much sense as hair cancer . . .

Hahaha! Lol...that is very funny...enjoying that Smile