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Full Version: Gelish Magnetic?
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I am off to the Nail Peddler soon and I was told the store has some of this in stock. I am looking for spring and summer colors I don't own already and may pick up a few magnetic colors for myself. Has anyone used the Gelish Brand of Magnetic gel polish? Any reviews? I did a search of the forum and didn't find any info.
I've only used one colour, the red Electric Metal Lover. I used it on myself. It's not the shade of red I would have liked. It is browner than I like, and it is a bit thicker than other Gelish colours, but it is easy to apply and the magnetic effect worked very well. The Gelish magnet is simply curved lines, so I used my star magnet from the China Glaze magnetic collection and it worked.
there is one on the 3rd page the forum is titled nailtechsupply not responding to emails


Nancy I for drawn together, a gorgeous burgundy color. And the design is striking and clear. I will look for other magnet shapes later. It's really fun!
Thank you Kristen I will go look at the thread. Smile
Dang typo, I got drawn together, not I for it lol. Where is the edit button, I hate typos.
I've used 4 of their colors now and I really like them, as do my clients. I really need to get my hands on the other magnets for different shaped!
I have also used the LCN magnets with the Gelish Magneto and gotten good results.
We have them all... six shades. Love them... first coat needs to be very thin. I just bought the China Glaze magnet so I'd have other shapes -but haven't used it yet. Recommend them highly. Love gelish in general, so I was pretty confident in the magneto.
The only one of the Magneto's I wasn't crazy about was the silver one - Iron Maiden. the shimmer in it is larger, and I thought the magnetic effect wasn't as obvious as it was with the other 5 colors.
Bought 3 yesterday

Iron Princess (grey)
Electric Metal Lover (red)
Drawn together (burgundy)

I like that it comes with the polish colors as well
I find there is a lil learning curve using but practice made it perfect. I really want other designs tho..I'm already bored of what I have LOL