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Full Version: Footsie bath santitation ?
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Hi everyone!

I just moved to a new salon and bought a footsie bath to do my pedis's in. I live in California and we have very strict laws on Sanitation and huge fines so I want to make sure I do this right as it it not addressed in the State board rules. Is simply throwing away the liner enough? I was thinking I should wipe it down with a barbacide or Clorox wipe. Or spay the bath holder with quats and wipe or something. I also think I should log it as well. What does everyone do or think? Should I call state board?

In my opinion, Footsie makes a point of the fact that the individual liner is recyclable. It goes in with all the other recyclable plastics. No, you don't need to wipe it off or anything when your done with it.
I am in California and use the Footsie Bath as well. Once you remove the liner, State Board (as far as I know, unless they've changed things) still requires us to scrub it with soap and water, then fill up the bath with water and disinfectant and let it sit for 10 minutes before emptying it. I think it's ridiculous since we are throwing the liners away and nothing gets inside the actual bath, but that's the law. They also require us to keep documentation stating that we cleaned it accordingly.

Jaime Schraebeck knows the laws inside and out and you might want to ask her for more clarification on this.
The Footsie unit has a hole drilled in the bottom, so filling it up to soak is not an option. After I remove th liner, I spray mine down with Accel TB disinfectant, wipe dry and spray again. Clean and then disinfect, that is what my state board contact said. I do not know what your state board will require of you, but if Jaime doesn't chime in here, give them a call on Monday. HTH! Smile
Thank you!

I will call Monday. But if Jamie is around for imput that would be great!
This makes no sense. In CA do you have to sanitize nail files and orangewood sticks as well as other disposable items before you throw them away?
California's BBC currently does not accept the use of disposable liners, though I and others have been working to reverse that position. It's unfortunate that the significant influence of a particular manufacturer (no longer in business) on the regulations process contributed to the current situation. Sad
Darcy - the new Footsie Baths have no hole drilled in the bottom. I have three at my salon. So filling up and soaking is clearly an option.

kkgunn, we don't disinfect the liners. We remove them, fill the tub with water and disinfectant. As I stated in my earlier post - I think it's ridiculous, but I was told it's what we are required to do.

And as you can see from Jaime's post - our state board doesn't even accept the use of disposable liners. So I say better safe than sorry. We disinfect our footsie baths without the liner after every single use. That way we are still in compliance with state board.

Vacanaillady - if you have one of the older footsie baths with a hole in the bottom, I don't know how you can disinfect your tub to stay in compliance.
I have a new tub. No hole. I am going to call state board Monday to get the final word since there seems to be some conflict. I will post exactly what they said on Mon. I'm going to request their stance in writting if I can get it as I've had them say one thing on one visit and return a year later and say something different. I think it is absolutly obsurd to sanitize a bowl that someone's feet will not touch. The linner concept is brillant and should make everyone happy including the state board. So we'll see!

Thank you!!!!
Oh! Thanks Jamie for the info. and your hard work. Let's see what they tell me when I call. The story is always changing....
When you call, ask for Heather Berg; she's in charge of enforcement, including the inspectors.
Sherrie~I'm glad to hear that they no longer drill the hole in the footsies, it sure proved to be a mess when I had a defective liner that leaked everywhere. It's only happened a couple of times in the 4 years that I've been using them, thank goodness.


Sounds like a huge over board waste to disinfect something that never had the chance to be in contact with anything. Good Gawd, next thing they will add to the regulations is mandatory door knob wipes between each hand. Its like, wash your hands after you use the restroom, got it, that's a give, but then touch the dirty sink knob to turn off the water and the dirty door knob on your way out. We cannot control everything, so cleaning an already clean item sounds really dumb to me. I am not saying don't do it. I am just saying I wonder how we ever made it this far as a species without these over board rules. And the log? No offense but so many people fake that log, how on earth would you prove its correct. Just my rant of the day LOL. Nothing personal. Its about the regulations. Maybe be less strict on already clean items and more strict on salons passing out free flesh eating bacteria with each service.
Agreed, sobeit. It is a waste of our money on product, our time and tax payers resourses (sp?) to enforcing it! The log! you know it is being faked. If you work back to back it is so easy to forget. And what does the log prove? unless there are cameras around how do they know the tubs have been disinfected properly??? It is just to give a false since of security. So we will see what they say.
Boy do I agree with all that you guys have said. Huge waste of money, and huge waste of time (as though we have nothing better to do than sanitize something unneccesarily and keep a log of it). I also think the logs are a waste of my time. Anyone can fake it and fill it in whenever they want, having never cleaned a thing.

vacanaillady - can't wait to hear what you find out from state board!
I left a message with the board this morning. They are supose to call me back. We'll see if they do.
It's likely different in every state, but I've had my salon inspected three times in the past 2.5 years, and they've never asked to see a log or asked what I do to sanitize the Footsie Bath. They see the bath and liners and move on to the next thing on their list. I use Let's Dance and a paper towel to clean the main tub, which is the same thing I use for my table and pedi area. Hopefully CA will catch up with what this is and not require the same steps as a whirlpool! They did finally wake up and allow the Angelfeet file to be used, so there's always hope...
Still no return call! Not suprising. I will continue to call till the get back to me. I will let you all know when I have an answer.
Anytime I call my state board or email their response is, "we are sorry, but we cannot interpret the statues for you. We at the state board advice you to contact an attorney to explain the statues." I wish my state could just be up front on what they expect out of us. But hey the nss shops dont even worry about staues lol
But if they don't tell us the rules how do can we follow them and be held accountable for rules that are not written? We are not mind readers! I sure hope they don't tell me what you have been told. I think I will lose it! LOL!
i did lose it lol and she called me at my day job to calm me down lol. but she never answered my questions. i still have yet to have a straight answer, but i'm in MO and have a Class CA which all inclusive service license so everyone else tells me but the Board wont tell me what exactly i can do. She suggested pulled out the Milady book and reread it lol and that's all she suggested and to talk to an attorney.
I'm wondering if the whole liner sanitation situation is due to those pedi spas that offer optional liners but still have exposed parts. Hmm...
Liners are not specifically mentioned in the regulations, but the situation could be remedied if California's BBC would accept liners as the disposable product that they are. It may take a legal challenge by a salon owner who's been fined for using liners . . .
Update...BBC will not call me back and the only option is to leave a message. I guess they don't want to answer the question! I guessI will have to ask when they ever come in!
Linda, when an inspector visits a salon, he/she conducts an inspection, completes a citation form, reviews it with the establishment owner/licensee in charge and later submits it to the BBC. It's the administration's responsibility to assess fines if any violations are cited. You can appeal fines by appearing before the DRC (Disciplinary Review Committee).
Well, hopefully it won't get that far and I'm following the rules. I'm logging, I'm sanitizing. I will just find out when they come, if they come, if I am over killing it and what exactly are the rules? Thank everyone for all your help and advise. Thanks Jamie!
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