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Full Version: Footsie bath santitation ?
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I'm in CA, use a footsie and was recently inspected. I do not keep a pedicure log but I do clean the footsie inside and out as well as the wire basket with spray cleaner and spray with barbicide. No citations issued.
Thank you! good to know.
I will say, I added a pedi log after reading these..A slip of paper and a pen is a LOT cheaper than a fine I figure. Smile
I just ordered footsie bath thanks for all the imput it is helpful
Just as a quick note. When I talked to Sasha a few years ago about the liners, since they are now biodegradable, you don't technically have to recycle them. He said that they start breaking down in about a month so they are ok to go into the regular garbage. That may have changed now, but I was told this at one time.
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