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Full Version: Recommended OPI Gel Colors Need HELP!!
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K, I am ready to take the plunge & need a lil help with suggestions for popular choice RecommendedBig Grin

I need a great french combo
pink & white combo

most popular
deep red

For French: Bubble Bath and Alpine Snow

red: I'm not really a waitress, big apple red
pink: pink flamenco, strawberry margarita.
Deep red: Malaga wine
Neutral: Cosmo not tonight
I agree Bubble Bath and Alpine Snow for a french. I find Passion is really similar to bubble bath, but a little bit more sheer, you don't need both. You can build Bubble bath up more easily to be not sheer though than you can Passion

Samoan Sand is a nice neutral creme.

Bogota Blackberry is my favorite dark red.
Ooooh yes, Bagota Blackberry is awesome. Forgot about that one!
I have posted pictures and comments on my blog. Overall I think OPI GelColor is an excellent product but some colors are better then others...
I find that Strawberry Margarita and Pink Flamenco really stain the nails bright pink and Passion fades/changes color almost on everyone (when used by itself in 2 coats)
Thanks lovies Smile

I did go buy yesterday & was super lucky enough to see all in person before buying

I did get
Alpine Snow, Bubble Bath, I'm not really a Waitress, Strawberry Margarita, Here today Arogon tomorrow, A grape fit & Lincoln Park After Dark.

I picked out some uncommon colors b/c I already have so many Gelish colors similar to what I had already.
I also picked up some Gelish Magnito Colors.

I plan on picking up next time
Suzi says feng shui, Bogota Black Berry, Russian Navy & Koyto Pearl

So far LOVING my OPI..removal is OMG really just comes off..but then again I was testing on myself & applied & removed within a hour of application..true test will be on my hard to last clients

thanks guys for the help