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Full Version: Pics...yours or not ?
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How would you guys feel about someone posting pictures on FB advertising nails and pedicures that ar e not her own work ,but pictures from magazines etc. Just curious....Am I like one of the only dumb, naieve ,honest people out there ? Really starting to believe I need to lower my standards in order to compete in this industry...( trying to build back clientele after having two kids ,losing half my clients to retirement ,and the other half to new nursing rules ,and a few more to relocation....) getting pretty disgusted...
You can't control what others do. I hear you - it's like they are passing this off as their own work. The clients will be the ones to decide, when they book an appointment to get their nails done like a picture they saw and this person won't be able to replicate it.

Having said that, I purchased some stock photos for my website....I don't try to pass them off as my own work, and over a year later, not one person has ever asked me if I 'did those nails' or wanted a set like them. I have my own gallery of work on my website and that's what everyone comments on.

In the end, all you can do is just focus on doing the best you can do, and not worry about what someone else is doing. Karma usually comes through in the end, you know Wink
I know it's easier for me to say for you to not get discouraged... but try to hang in there.

I have "examples" of nail art on hand - but I clearly mark them as examples that I can duplicate. I don't think using the pics is bad - just make sure that you don't say that they are your work. When you are starting over - it's hard to have a bank of photos... so I think there's no reason you can't use the photos to show art work or nail styles.

Good Luck.
Gr8tnails, I guess that is my point ,that I failed to make clear. This post clearly implied that this was her work. So , to clarify my original post , I don't actually have a problem with the fact that the picture is a magazine shot ,it is that it pretty much implies that this is her work. I think I am just being over sensitive Smile


Absolutely not. I'm an artist with a gallery, not nails. I would sue someone using my work as their own, or to advertise and make a profit. My nail photos as well. But using then from a magazine is just flat out tacky. I do know there are photo stock sites where we can buy the rights to use nail photos for advertisement like you would want on a brochure. But to say you did them is a violation to the owner. If its that bad you can report the photos saying they are someone elses intellectual property and give a link to the original.
I have saw some folk here with pics from the official sites of the products they apparently use. At the end of the day, the client is gonna either love their nails or get a shock of a lifetime (probably the latter) when they get their nails done and discover its nothing like the pics on the page.
I only ever post pics of what I have done, even some that aren't as great as others but it still lets potential clients see what I am capable of doing.

Don't get discouraged from doing a great job. Your work will shine through the others in the end Smile