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Full Version: Table Lamp
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Hi, I was just wondering what everyone's favorite table lamp is?
I need a new one and wanted some help. Smile
Thank you!


I love my slim line Ott light. It's the best I've tried. All the others that I've had leave shadows on the work surface. I purchased mine on line at Joanne's on sale. You can get them at many different nail sites or Young Nails has them as well.
I second that, the daylight slimline manicure lamp, it's The Best!! I have tried other brands that try to duplicate it for less money...don't waste your money or time, in that case you Definitely get what you pay for. HTH! Smile
I've just recently bought a regular LED swing arm desk lamp that clamps on the desk and it's got a magnifier in the center. Great for doing really detailed art work or checking a nail for things you've missed during prep. Got it at Office Depot of about $50.
I also have the Daylight Slimline Lamp and love it. It casts light all across the work area, with no shadows. Plus it clamps on to the side of my glass table top so it doesn't take up precious space on my desk.
I agree about the Daylight Slimline lamp. It is awesome....sleek, slim, white light, flexible, moveable and you don't have to play peek-a-boo with the lamp to see your client!!

LOL...I have had clients I've had for several years come in and ask if it is new because they just don't see it.

Good luck.
Another vote for the slimline - I have them on my pedi stations too and they are awesome.
[b]Thank you ladies!
Ya'll Rock!
Now... shopping time Big Grin
I also love and have the daylight slimlamp. It cast no shadows and is perfect for nail art. I find that it also does not throw alot of heat versus an led lamp or incandesant bulb. It's perfect for applying all kinds of nails services that are heat sensitive. I find it does not (gum up due to heat) your product when applying to the client.
I got my Slimline at Overstock. Love it!