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Full Version: Sculpting Brush Issue
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I bought 2 Artisan Grand Master Acrylic Sculptor Brush from the Nail Super Store. One for home and one for work. The problem is when I wipe my brush on the paper towel the paper towel turns yellow. I prepared my brushes correctly and I don't store them sitting up. They have had that yellow from day one. I LOVE them but I'm reluctant to use them on clients because of this issue. I spent a lot of money on these brushes. Does any one have any suggestions?


Have you tried soaking them in monomer for a while? Like an hour and see if you can release the yellow. It has to be the stuff they use to keep the bristles a little stiff when they are new.
Dear Denise,

Exactly as Sobeit suggested, soak in monomer for 10 - 15 minutes and wipe before use. There may be some residue left from the coating the manufacturer used to hold, protect and keep the hair in shape.

That is one of reasons.

Another could be some monomers when react with paper towel, some chemicals in monomer can cause the paper turned yellow. You might try by dropping a few drops of monomer on your paper towel and see if it is turned yellow.

Please email me if you have any question.