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Full Version: which efile bit do you use?
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For those of you who cut out a new smile line which bit do you use? For those that dont and file down 90% or so of the product which bit do you use. And why do you choose to do it that way ? Is it easier one way or the other?
I don't cut out smile lines, I thin out the free edge and apex and reapply by hand. And it depends on how thick the product is or how sore my shoulder is whether or not I use my efile. But when I do use it (especially to remove gel polish from the enhancement), it's Vicki Peter's saftey bit from Kupa. I ADORE that thing. I don't worry anymore about nicking cuticles, and it's nice and sharp and works great. The only time I break out a regular barrel carbide is to cut into a crack to fix it. Oh, and I use a cone carbide to smooth underneath sometimes.
I use the small inverted backfill bit by Kupa. Go to and click on the backfill bit - there is a video on how to use it.
Vicki told me about the inverted backfill bit two years ago and I love it! Trenches the smile line quick and easy. Smile
I did notice that the article, thank you by the way for sharing that, great information, did not talk about the swiss carbide bits. That is a great bit for taking product down because it shaves off the product w/o creating much dust. If you are looking for a bit to take product down that is what I would recommend.
LOL Vicki--you're a junior member. This amuses me. Big Grin

PS--thanks for the safety bit! Big Grin Big Grin