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Full Version: Spa Recipe Book is now available!!
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Ok, everyone--thank you for being so patient. I'm sorry this has taken so long, but the book is done, and it is finally ready on the Networking Shoppe at Beauty Tech. I will post the link below:

It is also in my signature line now, at the bottom of all of my posts--and y'all know there's probably hundreds of posts with my name on them somewhere!

Just in time for Spring services--check it out!! And thank you to everyone that has been so patient, and inspirational in helping me get this done. Smile

OH--since we have so many new techs on the board (welcome, by the way), this book is full of recipes for soaks, scrubs, masks, and "stuff" that you can make in your own kitchen. In addition, there is information there on essential oils, and what some of them can do for you.

Thank you Deb for all of your help in getting this "out there"!!