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Full Version: Just a funny story
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I got the giggles Sunday while getting a pedicure with my friend/associate.
We went to **gasp** an NSS salon for pedis so we could be done at the same time and not have to do each others toes for once. We were both watching carefully and trying our best to be aware of what was going on and at least on the surface everything seemed fine and clean.
funny thing #1: while the tech was doing my friends toes she happened to glance up and see my nails. She asked who does them and initially didn't seem to believe it when I told her I do my own nails. When my friend confirmed and told her that we were both cosmo's (I wasn't going to bring that up, lol) she spent the next 45 minutes trying to convince us both to come work for her, trying to hire us on the spot. She even told us both, when we initially turned down the offer, that any time we needed it, we could come back and we had a job with her.
funny thing #2: her husband, who was doing MY toes, was off checking something when the above story happened. When he got back, and she told him we both do nails etc, he took off. She said we intimidated him because he didn't think he did a good enough job at pedicures to be doing them on cosmo professionals. (I'm going to hope that was true and that it wasn't something like maybe not having his license.) But this also made me giggle.

In any case they both did a very nice job on our feet. My friend got a deluxe pedi with all the works, I pretty well just got my toes done and a leg mask because I can't stand the feeling of someone filing/rubbing on my feet. lol

Just thought I'd share. We always (Myself definitly included) seem to share the bad, but now so much the fun and/or good stories. Smile


I just have to ask then, what makes it an NSS vs just a discount shop, if it's a discount shop. NSS means you would have been getting a sub standard dirty service and I cannot imagine you willingly putting yourself in a bad situation. I hate to poo poo the fun you had. Just curious as to why go or call it NSS instead of going and paying for a reputable service where they acomidate 2 of you at a time? I don't know that many of us understand visiting a *gasp* NSS salon knowing what that means.
Well for me, I'm not referring to NSS as neccesarily being a dirty place or anything, but as a place that is more of a get in, get it done and get out. IMO and strictly IMO, a "Standard Salon" is somewhere were your stylist and/or technician actually makes the effort to know their clients, at least as much as they can in a Salon setting, not somewhere you go for a "quick fix.' I guess rather than NSS a better phrase for it would have been a "Generic Chain Nail Shop"? Smile


Just curious. I know I sound off puttin, I appoligize for that. I just want to make sure that we aren't lumping NSS with quick, discount shops. NSS means not to the standards upheld by the state regulations. Of course an expensive tech can be NSS. But cheap, or fast, doesn't mean sub par. Smile
I didn't take it as offputting! Smile You are by far one of my favorite reads on this site! Utmost respect darlin! Smile I think the difference of terminology has a lot to do with it. The nail instructor I had at my cosmetology school used NSS as Non-Standard Salon, and her meaning to it was probably closer to the Discount shop. Standard salon being a full service, do everything in one place shop, Nonstandard being we do acrylic nails, basic manicures and basic pedicures only.