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Full Version: Need new UV lamp
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I am in need of a new UV lamp, and was wondering what everyones favorite is, and function features, timers, etc.

I currently have 2 Brisa lamps, and am tired of paying over $50 for bulbs 3-4 times a year each.

I have been looking at the new CND lamp as it seems to have nice features on it. I just want to make sure I have a lamp that will cure all my different types of gels, except for my soak off gels that require an LED lamp which I have just purchased.

Hi Shannon, The light Elegance Easy Cure lamp will cure ALL gels. Smile
EZ Nails is almost about to put out a really good UV and Led all in one lamp!~
nailite has a great one for $40...start button w/ constant on, 90 & 120 second timer.

their phillips bulbs are at the best price I've ever seen
I'm looking for a 36w lamp as well that I can use on all gels. I was looking at the LE one. Any other suggestions?