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Full Version: Another Young Nails Acrylic Question...
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Is it possible to mix the Young Nails Cover Powders with the Speed or Core powders without it affecting the set times ? Can they even be mixed at all ? Smile
You can mix any of their powders - if you do an even mix of a core with a speed powder, logic dictates the setting time would fall somewhere in the middle.
I am so excited ,I just ordered my pro kit tonight ! I got the speed kit ,so if I like it and need a bit of coverage ,I wanted to know about mixing. I mix the CND powders and it works great ,but you know how some brands you can do things with ,and others you can't...just didn't want to find out yhe hard way ,or learn an expensive lesson...thanks for the reply Candace...Smile
You're welcome! Have fun with it Smile
I mix mine all the time. My personnal favorite pink mix is about 1/4 each of french and frosted ( a little heavier on the french ) and 1/2 cover pink. Gives good cover and a pretty color.