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Full Version: Disinfecting trays
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I don't like the tall jars for my disinfectant. I like something shallow so I don't waste so much product. I just bought a sterilizing tray (as the manuf calls it Angry) and it's cheap and looks tacky. I wouldn't even put it out in the open for my clients to see it. Not to mention that the cover doesn't even close properly. So it's going back to the store.

I'm thinking about getting a glass container, with a glass lid, like they used before tupperware type products became available for my new disinfecting tray.

What do you use that isn't typical industry standard for disinfecting your implements?
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I was thinking of getting a cute tulip shaped jar from Hobby Lobby but can't decide. Right now im using 2 rubbermade lockable boxes. On for sanitizing and the other for storing sanitized implements Have you checked out Young nails new jars?
I use the Ultronics tray with the metal lid to store my dirty tools . . .


I have the sterilizer tray. I painted mine. I didnt find it tacky when I first got it, but I did find it plain looking. I like that the lid keeps the junk out as it should, but the tray is lifted out of the liquid so I am not putting my hands in the disinfectant. I used to have the shorter jar, but to really be disinfected they need to be fully submersed and no handles sticking out. The taller ones for combs would work. They have designer ones online. You would have to google that though, I dont have the link.
Thank you for the suggestions. I like to see & touch things b/f I buy them so I'm still not too comfy ordering online.
Hollywood Nail Supply has a medium jar that is the perfect size for Nail Techs.
I use the tall and short barbicide sterilzing jars. I put and sterilze my nail files and such...
I like it i guess, because it is visable to my clients. It is important to them,that they see everything is in prestine and clean order.
The horizontal sterilization is not visable to my cleints. I guess I am old fashion and they prefer the tall barbicide jars to see that their implements and files are sterilized. I don't want to step on anyones preference. Each tech has her or his own preference. Thank you