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Full Version: from Germany
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Hello @ all,

i have signed up in this Forum a little while ago but never introduced myself.I tried to read and learn. I speak German and English but my writing in English is not so well.
My Name is Martina. I am 42 years old.
Due to my husband we are stationed in Germany. I have 2 boys 15 and 18 and 3 dogs.
I work part time as a Lab Tech and part time I work at home doing nails.
I always was inspired of learning how do do nails.

Two years ago I started doing Gel nails. Now i have trained with 3 different firms to get more knowledge. I do nails with passion.

I only know it is hard to get there where you want to be.
In the near future I will also attend a training learning the liquid powder system.
I joined this Forum in the hope to learn more , to get help, get to know Nailtechs and to be able to ask questions with out getting laughed at ( because of the writing).

Thanks, Martina