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Full Version: black pen,lace look.pointed brush?
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hi Everyone. Is this a black pen techs are using for this lace look? I see it alot on the stilettos. I think both can be used. Also where in the sweet world is every one getting the beautiful transfers for nails, thatHeart look like perfect painted flowers, Dashing diva? please help me out as I am goen nuts with this. I think more company's than dashing diva carry these transfers. And by the way i am a above average hand painter for most part. these are not hand painted. thank you all I await your answers, Polished girl
I guess I have not seen what you are talking you have any links or examples?
I use tulle a lot in my nail work, could that be the "lace" you are talking about? I hand paint the details around the edge of the tulle with a #2 round brush. Have not seen any "fake" handpainted flowers.