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Full Version: Suzanne, Not with NTS or Harmony anymore
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Good Evening Ladies,

I have received several texts, calls, about me no longer being with NTS, and or Harmony, this is true, I decided to leave on my own free will Jan 26th, of this year.

I have seen posts that people are referencing me on, and I want to be sure you all know, that it is not me answering, and me not not following up as I always did.

I appreciate all of your dedication, and caring for the Industry, and hope to contibute to your passion again soon.

Kind Regards,

Suzanne Steenkamp
[email protected]

Best Wishes in your new endeavors. As a NTS customer, I really appreciate the level of service that you provided while you were there.


I hadn't heard, I hope you have some great adventures ahead. And I must say, thank you so much for the help you have given to me personally.
Suzanne, I'll miss you at NTS. (who will I bother now???? LOL). Seriously though, the best of luck to one of the best!
Best of luck Suzanne! Thanks for everything Heart