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Full Version: Do you discourage clients from removing gp at home?
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My clients never get all the product off and I end up wrapping them up and removing the rest.

What ends up happening with their nails is either they tear up their nail plates and break their nails in the quick, or the fe is mangled.

I don't want them to remove gp, but they always try and the results are not pretty.

How do you instruct your clients in letting you remove the gp?


I don't discourage it--if they want to remove it at home, I just make sure to instruct them on how to do it properly, being sure to emphasize that if they peel or pick it off, it will damage their nail plates. But it's usually only the one-time clients that want to do this. My regulars come to me every time.
I try to get my clients to let me do it. However I've been called from the ER a few times with clients gone in for emergence surgery and the OR wants it off. I also had a client who was going to a funeral and didn't want bright red polish on. I give every new go client a how to care for go and how to remove it just in case. I tell them to hold on to it in case they can't get in to see me.