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Full Version: Brisa Users-Past and Present
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I am struggling with my current gel line and have decided to make the switch...

I am leaning toward Brisa, but I would love to hear from those who use or have used the system. What are the pros and cons? Any info and opinions are welcome!


What gel system are you using now? I used Brisa for several years, and found that in general, it was too flexible for most of my clients. It worked pretty well on those with thicker, stronger natural nails, but not well at all on the thinner nail plates. I currently use YN Synergy gel, and find it works on more of my clients because it's a bit more rigid. Still flexible like a hard gel should be, and easy to file, but tougher and not as bendy.

I agree. I had trouble with Brisa, control, sculpting, and durability. I switched to YN, and all my gel woes were solved. Love the stuff!
Interesting...I was leaning toward Brisa because they have so much support. Are there classes for YN or videos? The product intrigues me.

My previous gel is a soak off gel and it is a nice line, but it does not seem to hold up well enough for extensions.
Take a look at Light Elegance as well. It is made here in the US. the support is fab and the products are great!