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Full Version: TEN gel yellowing!
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i opened today a new jar of gel and it is yellow!i had it kept in a dark place and in room temperature from september.i never had this happen before with any other brand i have tried.has anybody experienced this with this gel line?why this happened? i'm so dissapointed Sad i have to mix it with the colour powders to use it otherwise it's to yellow to use it like that..
the only thing I can think of is that it might have gotten overheated during the shipping process. Those things will happen unfortunately, contact Brenda about it.
the other 2 jars were ok only this one has the was a while ago that i ordered them and i don't know if she can do anything about it Sad
she will...she's great about it. I had one 2 years old that has always been yellow and turns a light brown as soon as it goes on the light. She said she would exchange no question
ok i will give it a try and let you know! Smile thanks for your help!
can someone give me the email of brenda?the one i had and contacted her many times doesn't work to my surprise!
do you happen to have Diane MacQuoid's contact info? She can give it to you.
no i don't have them Sad
Hopefully someone will nudge Brenda and let her know about this, I don't have her #. I'll contact Di via FB and get the info.
You can get ahold of Brenda by emailing her at [email protected]

Or call her 918-231-3000

She'll take care of you!
thank you girls for your help! Smile for some reason i don't get email notifications of new replies although i'm subscribed..

Tuff Enuff Nails US

So sorry I've not been on here in a while.
TEN gel has a natural tint to it, although it should not appear to have a brownish tint at all. I would be happy to replace your gel for you.
Adding a very small amount of pigment usually always removes the slight tint but i do occasionally have people say it still does not look right.
We have no way of knowing what kind of temp changes the orders go through especially when they travel as far as Greece !!
Please send me your shipping information and I will get a new gel on the way.
Thanks so much.

[email protected]