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Full Version: corrective criticsim
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[Image: IMG_20120309_182942.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120309_183011.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120309_183047.jpg]

Here is a pink and white acrylic nail. It has not been finished filed so it has not achieved credit card thickness yet. I am looking for your constructive criticism of the apex and the smile line. But will take all comments seriously Is the apex in the right place is the smile line crisp and also in the right place. I will try and upload the finished nail tomorrow(later today)
It's somewhat blurry, but from what I can see it looks great!
Here is the finished nail. I filed it this morning. At work. I think the free edge is a little square rather than c curve. Any help will be appreciated on how to correct that. would pinching the nail work?

[Image: IMG_20120310_113437.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120310_113545.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120310_113610.jpg]
If you can get sharper pictures I think you might get more responses - I truly can't see it clearly enough to provide the kind of feedback you're looking for Smile
If your camera has a macro setting which is indicated by a small flower, use that. Also, get further back, and then use the camera software to enlarge the pix. The image will stay sharper.
Are you looking toward the competition arena? This is definitely a great salon nail.
The pics are a little fuzzy, but it does look pretty good.
Here's what I can see: You're right, it looks like you could do some pinching to create a deeper C curve and that would create that nice sleek look you want straight out from the sidewalls.
Your smile line itself looks good, The 'ears' of your smile line could be deeper and need to go into a nice sharp point. In side-view pic, it's hard to tell but they look to end a little short of sidewall and a little rounded, not a crisp point.
The last thing I see is that the free-edge may be a little longer than the nail bed, giving it a little bit of an off-balance appearance. All in all, I say you did a Great job! Hope this is helpful. Smile

Thanks you guys i took these real quick with my tablet and I haven't gotten into the settings of the camera yet. I will try again. I'm trying to get better at salon nails. This was a practice nail on myself. I did a set on a client and my brain froze so I froze and they were awful. Good thing she understood. I'm also my own worst critic so they maynot have been as bad as I think. But I believe they were bad so thanks again. You were all helpful including the other post on thickness of an acrylic nail
[/i]From what I can see you used a tip. I would use a different shape tip so the free edge looks less flat. CND Velocity comes to mind..
I personally think that the nail looks quite "heavy".
It's really difficult to achieve a "light"/balanced look with such a long nail and not a competition style natural nail.
Personally I don't think that the white part should ever be longer then the pink part
Most people's nails look good when the white part is only 30-50% of the pink
Also the side walls (looking from the side) should extend staight out, they shouldn't curl down because the nail then looks like a "hook". Again, shortening and taking the file to the sides of the extension would help.