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Full Version: Just not happy
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SO here is my issue. I think I want this or that on my nails. SO I spend the time preping, painting, and blinging just to look at them and say "No I don't like it after all...." I have changed my nails 3 times in one day! (paint not L&P) It just seems that no matter what I get in my head I am just not happy with the out come anymore. be it plain no art nails, bling, little art what have you. I seems that since I have all the paint and product I am just not happy with my own hands. Am I the only one? Maybe this is how I am combating my nail biting? Subing it for nail painting? lol
I feel the same sometimes too. whats helped me latley is different designs on each nail so i dont get bored lol. I think thats my issue is getting bored with one design. What i have been doing is a basic one color gel polish mani then in 5 days buff and add some art then 3 days later i buff again and add diff art and bling. Then i can make my base mani last the 14 days without going crazy for something different. Too many ideas and not enough hands to try them on is my issue.