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Full Version: Nailtech Supply - not responding to call/email
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I placed an order with Nailtech Supply on 2/27, my status says "processing". I've left two messages and send an email to them regarding this order, but no one there has replied.

I've ordered the magnetic gp and other stuff. I was told the magnetic gp was in last Friday, but I haven't heard from NTS.

Has anyone received their Gelish Magnetic gp yet?

I want the items I ordered. Thought about using a different supplier, but since NTS is not responding to me, I'm afraid I will get that order after I go with someone else.

Can't afford to pay for duplicate orders, don't know why this company does not respond, thought their cs was supposed to be top notch!

Very disappointed with them.


Hmmm...that's odd. I got my order in record time and I did receive my Gelish Magnetic GP with my order (2 Friday's ago I believe). I'll contact Suzanne and ask if she has an answer.
[email protected] Suzanne has been very responsive every time I have contacted her. You're going to love the Magneto collection, I have had a lot of compliments on it.
I just got my order yesterday - it still showed as processing even after they shipped it.
Hi Gals,

I am no longer with the company, and have not been in 6 weeks.

You can contact me at [email protected], for NTS, contact their customer service.

Kind Regards,

Wow, I've never had any problems with NTS. They've always responded to my emails/phone calls. I preordered my Gelish mageneto set, and got it really fast after they came in. I hope you get it figured out!