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Hello everyone,

I am working on a nail salon website template. All programming and testing should be done in another 10 days.

My goal with this web template project is to help so many salons out there that currently don't have a good, professional designed website or salons who wish to update their "home made" website. We make it very easy for almost anyone can update without knowing any programming or technical skills.

It is not my intention to make money out of this project. It is just an added value to our customers and nail tech community. I don't have the exact fees for setting up and maintenance yet. Whatever it is, it will be very nominal.

Here is the beta site:

Please let me know what you think. I am appreciated for your feedback.

All the contents are bogus, they are just for demo purposes.

Be sure to visit and register on our website We will do drawing for 3 winners who will receive free website next month.

Thank you,

Sounds awesome Im so excited ive been checking into this because i plan on opeing my booth in the next couple of months here in St. Joseph MO.
I love this!! How exciting!
We plan to implement in phase II: booking appointment, selling gift certificate and selling products right on your site.

For the time being, any features you think that would be helpful to have.

I contacted a few web hosting companies, the hosting fees range from $7 - $10/month. Do you know any hosting companies out there that affordable and reliable.

looks good!