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Full Version: Reverse Backfill
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Tried the reverse backfill today ,the one where Greg Salo from Young Nails lops off the free edge ,and sands down the thickness ,reapplies pink ,adds form ,then sculpts the free edge....( love him !) It came out gorgeous ,with exception of two nails that had some slight shadowing on the side. Very pleased with the results ,except it took me forever !!! Maybe because it is different from how I usually do it ,but my question is ,no matter what method you use ,how long should a fine quality backfill really take ? I usually take an hour and a half and out the door. My clients are normally three week rotation. Just feeling very insecure about my time,especially being a tech 20 yrs experience ! Help ! Smile
Lexi, I take an hour for acrylic pw fills and up to an hour and 15 for pw gel fills. But really, if you are taking good care of your clients, and you've had most of them for a long time, I wouldn't sweat your time. If your clients are happy, you should be too! But if it helps you feel better, try timing each of your steps. If you want to get your backfill done in an hour, try shooting for 15 minutes for debulking and prep, half an hour for product application, and 15 minutes for finish filing and top coat (or hand buffing if you do that.). If nothing else, this exercise will help you become more aware of what you spend time doing. Maybe you file too long over one area or fuss more than you need to over length? Lots of little things like that could be slowing you down. Do you talk while you work? If so, keep your eyes on the hands and try not to look up a lot. This can be such a time suck! You could cut 15 minutes off your time by shutting up and letting your client keep the conversation going. Big Grin Big Grin

Hope this helps some. If you try the timing exercise, let us know how you do!
Thanks so much for the fabulous reply ,Nailartist...talking is always an issue w/ me lol , but I am definately going to try the timing exercise you suggested and see if that helps. I am a perfectionist also ,a blessing and a curse ,and that may be part of it...anyhow , thank you again for the great timing tips !!! Smile
And think of this. They will sit for hr's getting their hair done or waiting for the apt. ahead of them to finish so they need to not rush us as well. a good set takes as long as it takes. If they want fast and out the door they will rush a good job and have less quality for it.