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Full Version: Question ?about salon Owner resposibilities
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I am looking at a salon /spa ,to rent from.She has a pedi chair ,but no nail table,no pedi cart,What if anything is she required to supply,
If you're doing booth rent, technically she doesn't have to supply anything nail related. When I booth rented, the only thing provided was the space, I furnished all furniture, equipment, tools & supplies.


I agree, they don't have to provide anything but the space. I rent and the only thing there for me was a table and toilette paper for the bathroom. I brought both chairs, a cabinet, my pedicure tub, lamp, decor, paraffin tub, towels, paper towels, drinks and cups for clients, and all my tools and supplies.
Think of it like this, the salon didn't get anything but walls a roof and a door from their landlord. Anything above is a bonus.
In our area... nail techs rent space only.... NO equipment. I have heard of some salons that have the piped pedi chairs sometimes provide that along with space... but it is extremely rare. Good Luck.