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Full Version: Free edge fill
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Do any of you add acrylic to the underside to cover the free edge that grows out and starts to show? I know you can drill it off but I want to add a diff color. I am just curious how you guys do it. I am looking for a quick way then I do it.

Thnks in advance.Big Grin
Really no one on here does undersife colors? I am surprised.


I don't even do a same color under the acrylic. I think when most do the dual color, it's done during sculpting or adding a new tip. I don't think I have heard if anyone filing the color away under the free edge and reapplying it. It seems to me like it would end up very bulky with a ledge if you did it from the underside, instead of as a whole, working the layers on your form from bottom up. Guess its how I visualize the underside being created. Anytime you apply acrylic to the underside of the nail without a form barrier, won't it just be thick feeling the the clients finger tip?
No never. By the time the nail has grown out enough, it becomes a NNO usually and to me it's no different to applying polish......when we polish our nail we don't paint the under side of the nail to hide the natural nail color, we just pain the top.
So doing it with acrylic, makes no sense cause with acrylic it would be bulky and very thick if you have a layer under the natural nail, then the nail, then a layer on top.

I have never seen it done or heard of a tech doing it either.
I have done what I call a under fill. The only time I seem to need to do that is when a set of tips are growing off...where the glue has broken down and the natural nail is pulling away from the tip on the underside. I usually use a bullet bit and file away the natural nail then use a tiny bit of a soft white acrylic to re-seal where the natural nail is after I have filed away the separated part. I do this instead of re-sealing with glue under there. I rarely need to do this with sculptured nails. I only do a under fill on a client that wears polish. The ones who like white tips or glitter nails...I just clip them off and re-tip..or sculpt a new free edge. I've never heard of anyone using anything other than a natural or soft white acrylic to do a under fill with.
I was taught to either clip the entire tip off and sculpt new tips, or file the old product all the way down to the natural nail and reapply. I never drill away the natural nail from underneath--it ends up being a weak spot, and the nail just keeps peeling and peeling away under there. It sounds like what you want is to only see color underneath and not the nail? I would clip off the old colored tips then and start fresh. More money in your pocket!