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Full Version: Woah Gelish/NSI mix 11 weeks.
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I had a client come in before Christmas for her gel polish manicure. We used gelish foundation and top it off with NSI Pale Pink for a clean look. Then I fell and couldn't work a sched that she could get to see me. She never went anywhere else. I saw her today, finally. And would you believe her nails were claws with gel polish mix grown half way out on the nails. They were crazy. No peeling, no chipping, no yellowing. That's a long time, talk about durable, holy cow. Granted her nails are very strong, so they didn't bend much to allow for any peeling at pressure points. I was amazed that the tips weren't chipped or worn. They looked funny being half shiny, half natural nail. Just shows that some lines mix well. Not that its promoted, but it can work. I wish I would have taken a photo. It was craazzyy.
this reminds me of a client I did today for a pedi she went a lil longer than normal
last pedi was before Xmas... She has Gelish & nail art.
Just the big toe was grown out 1/2 way the rest of the baby nails had tiny lil red slivers..
lets just say soaking was a breeze..LOL
She had trimmed them down herself prior b/c se said they were sooooooo long