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Full Version: Pink & White Fill
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Please let me know what your quickest way is to do a P&W fill. I've seen starting off with the pink fill, file smooth then drill off the white & fill, smooth out again with file & buff. Top with a UV gel.
Others drill both pink and white at the same time then start with the white followed by the pink. I'm sure there's no certain way but I would love your input just in case some new way has come along.

I file everything then start with white, then pink and then file and shape, finish with uv top coat
Are you doing acrylic or gel?


For me it depends on the look, my mood, and the client. I either file the entire nail to thin some and the dredge a line where I want the new white, or I file the entire white very thin and. I then fill the white ditch like line, or use while to rebuild the tip I thinned out all the way, and then I do my pink fill at the same time. I also will just rebalance the nail, and file the entire enhancement very thin, and create my new white and pink starting with the tip. I do not do the reverse method. I can, but i prefer the look of white first. Then I cover with NSI glaze n go sealer and cure.
I usually file entire nail down to remove a lot of old product but I will take a tad more white than pink.
Then I rebalance using the reverse method as I find that quicker for myself, then a quick file to make sure the shape is all good and finish with Glaze and Go from NSI.
(03-06-2012, 07:46 PM)scratchmyback Wrote: [ -> ]Are you doing acrylic or gel?

I'm doing acrylic.
Thanks for all your replies, you helped me feel more confident in the procedure I was already doing. LOVE THIS BOARD!!!