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Full Version: First set in 2 years
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Hi all

It's been a long time since I was last on here due to closing the business and having my baby.

After badgering from friends and old clients, I have finally given in and I am starting up again.

Here is a pic of my nails I did yesterday. They are just natural and I have gone for a rounded look for a change.

I have also set up my website so any feedback on both is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

ooops for some reason I can't post the pic or the link can anyone tell me why this has changed?
maybe you need to have more then 2 posts in order to link anything? It might be the way they keep spam down. Just a thought.
Thats strange then as I have been a member on here for years, bit confused now! Undecided


Can you manually type the link address for us?
(03-06-2012, 08:46 PM)sobeit Wrote: [ -> ]Can you manually type the link address for us?

I'll try [Image: 430119_10150705251610199_747235198_11698...6003_n.jpg]
It worked, finally Smile


Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. It's a nice change from all the square nail loving clients out there isn't it? I have several round and also almond shape clients I always look forward to working on.
I agree with Peggy.
They are super pretty! Smile
Yours are lovely! I have more and more clients requesting an almond shape now, and I've been wearing it off and on for the past couple of years. It's such a nice change!
Those are pretty!
Those look Really Nice! Great job! Smile
Thank you all Smile
SmileThey look so pretty! I love the shape.. I have several clients that have the almond shape.. I used to wear that shape myself for years.. Hmmmmm I think I might go back to it for awhile..