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Full Version: Nail Art Display
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I am searching for a great way to display my nail art while mobile. Does anyone have some cute and easy ideas that would be simple to transport?
your smart phone could work great when you get there let them check out the album while you set up. Tell them just for fun check out my designer nails while i set up i bet they will want it after they see it on others
I keep a small flip book with prepared full coverage tips in it. Fits about 5 nails per page comfortably and the book is somewhat padded so they don't squish. They like to take them out and put them over their nails "just to see how they would look". I don't go all out with carrying a ton of them. Just enough to give them some idea of what I can do and the colors I have with me.
I have mine on those wheels from Sallys, I carry like 3 of those with me in a ziplock bag.
Try these! I like these way better than the wheels.
(03-05-2012, 08:46 PM)youvegotnail! Wrote: [ -> ]Try these! I like these way better than the wheels.

Those do look very cool, but I can't get past the $9.95 shipping to buy six of them. Crazy handling fees to mail via USPS, which I can't use for my business anyway.
I ordered 3 of those on eBay for about 9 bucks total
Thank you for your input!
I have mine in a binder cut out bristol board and glued nice paper over that and then hot glued the nail tips on the board. I put the price beside the art so they know right up front what the cost is.