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Hello All,
I just wanted to introduce myself and my company to you. My name is Lisa Acuff. I am the mother of 2 boys and thats my most important job! My life hasnt always been so calm however; during the time I owned and operated my tanning and skin care salon my days were filled with bustling chaos. As a business owner my attention was always called to several gaps in the market - areas in wich smaller day spas and salons needed more resources at their disposal to ensure success. Out of this knowledge I decided to turn my passion into a service to help other salons and day spas create an image that sets them apart from the rest. This is what keeps clients coming back again and again.

My company, Spassentials was founded in 2003 by myself and a friend as way to fill a need shared by many salon and spa owners- the need and desire to successfully promote and grow their beauty business with quality products and marketing materials at affordable prices.

Spassentials strives to offer Spa and Salon industry professionals, Dermatologists and Aestheticians, a quick and easy way to add fun, unique, tropical spa treatments to their menus.

We believe that the highest of quality is essential and we will never compromise on the grade of the ingredients we use to create our luscious delights for you. At Spassentials, we don’t skimp on decadence. We feature products with only the finest ingredients available – and only the finest grades and quality within those single amazing ingredients. Let’s face it – all shea butter is certainly not created equal (and that is only one example). In addition, new exotic ingredients come up all the time – wherever possible and in your best interests, we incorporate them to bring you more amazing Spassentials goodness.

We’ve come to have a reputation for outstanding and unique tropical fragrances, whether derived from therapeutic grade essential oils, or the highest grade of fragrance oils. We take extreme pride and delight in bringing you an incredible aromatic experience ranging from the provocative and sexy to the soft and subtle…from the relaxing and comforting or gourmand to the energizing, refreshing and stimulating.

It is our passion for empowering women that inspires our company. A percentage of all profits from the sales of Spassentials spa products and marketing materials are donated to programs that train and encourage self sustainability in women and families both internationally and domestically. In working with the Tropika Foundation, Spassentials is able to help provide direct support to women in need world wide through sales and support from you the spa and salon owners.

If you have any questions about products, ingredients, recipes, or are interested in finding out how you can make a great residual income with Spassentials please feel free to contact me directly.

Lisa Acuff