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Full Version: Has anyone used the Pro Sticks for pedicures?
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You guys are great! Now that I know about the nailfilestore, has anyone used the pro stick for pedicures? And what grit do you get?
Are they as good as the ones that premier sells in bulk? Those come in a box of 50 for $19.95 and are the red disposables. I really like the ones I buy from Premier but the pro stick ones seem cheaper and I wouldn't feel as bad to just throw away the stickey part rather than the entire wand after each pedi.
Yup and i love them. Sometimes the new files can be too slick so i just hit them with a little acetone so the stickers dont come off in the water and its just fine. They also contour nicely to the heel and the wand has a bit of flex so it doesnt feel like you are fighting a rigid surface to smooth the skin. Clients love seeing the stickers come off and go into the trash too.