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Full Version: Ready to quit
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I'm a newbie nail tech in my first job. For two weeks now I've brought in models to increase my time on acrylics with tips before I start taking on clients. So far three out of the five models are complaining of nail tips chipping off, nails popping off, etc. I have no clue as to what I'm doing wrong or if it's all me. I'm so discouraged. I worked sooo hard to do those nails (for free) and I have unhappy people and I have no idea if it's my technique or if these people are prying things open with their acrylic nails and using them like tools. I just feel like I suck and I should quit now before I piss off clients. Anyone ever feel this way? If not then I know it's all me and it's time to find another career.
Sad Sad Sad
Your "freebies" need to understand you're doing their nails for free because you're learning. They have a certain responsibility to help you.

Start asking questions. What were you doing when the nails chipped or came off? Did they lift from the cuticle area then come off or were they doing something to put pressure on them to make it happen. The answers to those questions will tell you a lot and will help you do nails better.

If they are lifting then coming off, then most likely it's your nail prep or technique (liquid to powder ratio, stress area, product placement). Take some steps to perfect those things and you'll solve many of your problems.

Watch lots of video on You Tube. I'd suggest the Young Nails series. They really get down to basics. Their education works for all systems. Go to as many classes as you can afford and ASK FOR HELP! The educators have all been in your shoes and love to help!

If your people are just being abusive to their nails then you don't need them to help. Get 2 or 3 people who are very willing to help you out no matter what happens with their enhancements. And remind them their nails are just that-something you put on TOP of their natural nails. Their nails are jewels not tool and they need to treat them that way!

Hang in there, Jennifer! We all had the same problems! You'll do just fine. Keep on working the education!

I believe the rule of nails is 100 sets. It does take alot of practice to get it down pat. Keep practicing and you will get it!
I think we have all been their in the begining. Schools teach us enough to pass the boards the rest we learn in the real world. It takes a lot of practice to get good at them. Youtube does have some great videos. Also check out Tammy Taylor she has some great educational videos. Also What acrylic product are you using. Some acrylic products are very ratio sensitive some are not.

Hang in there it gets easier.
(03-02-2012, 08:29 AM)Tammi T Wrote: [ -> ]I think we have all been their in the begining. Schools teach us enough to pass the boards the rest we learn in the real world. It takes a lot of practice to get good at them. Youtube does have some great videos. Also check out Tammy Taylor she has some great educational videos. Also What acrylic product are you using. Some acrylic products are very ratio sensitive some are not.

Hang in there it gets easier.

Been using Artisian. Thank I'm going to go back to CND.
Hi Jennifer, I know you need a big hug right now ! I think we've all been there. Harmonysky gave you some excellent advice so I won't repeat it.

Are you the only nail tech in your shop? Do you have access to a mentor near you - somebody who can help you troubleshoot? As much as you don't think it's you, a portion of it probably is - most of us thought we knew enough when we finished school but there are many things you may be doing incorrectly and just not know it. I know I learned most of the tips and tricks AFTER I graduated and if it weren't for this forum I would have given up before I even started. Most schools only teach the minimum required to pass an exam.

I just want to encourage you not to give up, but to seek out help nearby if you can, as well as the online videos already mentioned. I would also caution you not to product-hop in the beginning, it is rarely the product when you're first starting out. Choose a good quality product, stick with it and learn it. But if you decide to find another one, I would recommend Young Nails as a good choice for you.

Chin up and we are always here to help Smile

We've ALL been there, so don't think it's just you. My first bit of advice, do NOT start jumping from system to system thinking the acrylic is the problem. All the major brands out there will work perfectly. It's something you're doing, trust me, it was for me! There's no magic acrylic system out there that is full proof for everyone.

Go to the website of the acrylic that you're using, find a mentor if possible. Like Laura say, try the YN video's too. Watch them over and over, learn from the masters! Most of the time the problem is going to be simple technique, i.e., you're not putting it on correctly, or it's too thin, and you're filing too much.

The best thing to do is to see the nails BEFORE they pop off or as they're having problems with them. What the nails are doing ON the client will tell you WHAT the problem is. Stress to your models, you MUST see them as they're having problems so you can learn what your problem areas are. If you've got a really good camera, take close ups to post on here. Take a few practice runs to make sure the settings are right, too many techs try to do this and think getting closer will give them a close up and it's out of focus because they're too close. If you need help with that, post questions, we've got techs on here that take fantastic closeups and can give you pointers.

Don't give up yet, we can help you!
Yes, we have all been in your shoes, so it's not just you.
I think you need to find new models as your first thing to change. A good model is willing to help you through your training stage by keeping their end of the bargain and not using their nails as tools and by being available to show you any problems that arise as soon as possible after they arise, so you can see first hand what is going on.
Chipping, if it's on the free edge, is usually a sign of not enough product and this can be happening by you either not applying enough in the first place or by filing away too much when finishing off.
Nails just coming off.....Mmmmmm I'm a bit funny with this saying, cause unless the prep is virtually not done at all, it's rare that an entire nail just falls off. They usually start to lift bit by bit over time and then eventually when there is not enough to hold it on, it then pops off.
get yourself just a couple of good, willing to help in every way models and then when you do your sets, really slow down and concentrate on every step, really take note of exactly what you are doing, maybe even write your steps down as you do them and then check it out afterwards and see if there is anything astray.
I believe you a training tech is better off to concentrate on one problem at a time and get it what ever is going wrong right before moving onto the next problem, then this way you are not over whelming yourself with too many things at once.
If you want to, you can post up your prep step and what tools and products you use and this might help us to see if there is anything astray in your prep steps.
But don't give up sweetie, soooooo many people think that "doing nails" is easy and yes the really experienced pro's make it look easy but it's not, it does take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to perfect this skill but it can happen and will happen, all in good timeSmile
Hugs to youSmile
I've been there. That is for sure. You've received so much advice here. Great advice. Practice, practice, practice. I really struggled with acrylic. I prefer gel. That being said, I can now use Young nails acrylic and Nailite's omega quite well. I learned from Simmy on Vicky Peter's product. None of those are ration sensitive, at least that is what the companies each told me. Once I got away from ratio sensitive products, I could keep them on. I have pretty much switched to Nailite's omega, once the others are gone, it will be the only one I am using. I don't do very many acrylics, just here and there to keep from losing skill.
Good luck.
Chin up girl!!, and keep practicing.

Al the girls gave you all wonderful advice Smile

I only do gels at the moment, but I did an internship, and the nailtech at that salon was super nice, I learned from her, watched her and took lots of notes.